I used to want to hurry up and start my life and spawn children/create my own family, live in a house, and pay bills, etc. But I want no part of that, yes maybe someday but definitely not today. I’m doing just fine being on my own, and i quite like not having to change my lifestyle or routines around to fit other people. I do what I want when I want to. Everyday my roommate talks about how she has her whole life planned out: who shes going to marry, what neighborhood shes going to live in, right down to what color the interior of her casket will be (just kidding, I came up with that little detail on my own for when I kill her in the middle of the night). That must suck to already know your future, you have nothing to look forward to, you’re trying to rush through living the here and now in order to get to the future faster. She already has the locale of her honeymoon picked out, I don’t even know what I want for breakfast tomorrow. Slow down, life is slipping away.

No one seems to understand that when I get high pitched or talk nasally or start flailing my hands around that I’m MOCKING you.